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This VET in Europe report is part of a series prepared by Cedefop’s ReferNet network. VET in Europe reports provide an overview of national vocational education and training (VET) systems of the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.
VET in Croatia
Vocational education and training (VET) plays a major role in Croatia. Overall responsibility for VET lies with the Ministry of Science and Education supported by the Agency for VET and Adult Education (ASOO). The agency is responsible for developing VET curricula, continuous professional development of VET teachers, skills competitions and quality assurance.
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Croatia is a parliamentary democracy and is organised as a unitary republic since 1991, when it declared its independence. The political system of Croatia is based on the principle of the division of power between the legislative, executive and judicial branches.
In Croatian Vocational Education and Training system there is an apprenticeship scheme that is implemented from the school year 2004-2005 and only in three-year vocational education and training program for crafts, commonly known as Unified Model of Education (UME).
VET system in Republic of Croatia has been going through many changes, modernisations and innovations in last several years. Agency for VET and Adult Education (AVETAE) with support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MoSES) initiated these processes.
In 2014, 70.7% of the secondary education students were in vocational education and training (VET). VET prepares for the labour market, enables progression to tertiary education and supports personal development of learners, as they enrol at young age (14 or 15).
Mapping their professional development in the EU
In the Republic of Croatia 70.7% of the regular secondary school students (ISCED 344, 351, 353 and 354) in 2014 were enrolled in vocational education and training (VET) programmes which prepare the students for inclusion into the labour market and enable them access to further and/or higher education.

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