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#CedefopPhotoAward is back!

The #CedefopPhotoAward promotes best practice and excellence in VET across the EU and beyond, offering the chance to young learners as well as adults in continuing education to show their talent while promoting the benefits of VET. more

Experimental Program Dual Education

Dual education enters 11 VET schools in Croatia with four programmes and 156 enrolled students more

International Recognition for Digitalisation of Schools in Croatia

Croatian e-Schools project receives prestigious UNESCO award for leading initiatives introducing ICT in education in 2017 more

First Vocational Teachers’ Days highlight VET reform in Croatia

Outstanding success of the largest vocational teachers' conference in Croatia more

Establishment of a network of regional centres of competence

25 VET schools selected to act as future centres of competence in Croatia more

New framework for promoting lifelong learning and adult education

The Agency for VET and Adult Education has presented the results of the Survey on adult education in 2017 and the Strategic framework for promotion of lifelong learning 2017-21, developed within the ESF project Promotion of Lifelong Learning. more

Education for better immigrant integration

Croatia has a lot of experience of the impact of immigration. Two decades ago the country experienced a huge inflow of the immigrants from neighbouring countries (over a half of a million) affected by the war. Now, immigrant numbers are much lower and these are mostly refugees from non-EU countries. more

Introducing microcomputers in education

Croatia presented its ambitious PROMikro project which will use microcomputers to introduce digital literacy elements into various elementary school classes and extracurricular activities more

Croatia: Vocational Education and Training in Focus

VET has been receiving much attention recently from policy makers and stakeholders, specifically dual education. more

Cedefop delegation discusses VET cooperation in Croatia

A Cedefop delegation headed by Director James Calleja took part in a forum on vocational education and training (VET) promotion in Zagreb on 26 May and met with Croatia’s Minister for Education and Science Pavo Barišić to discuss the ongoing cooperation between the two sides, particularly in the field of apprenticeships. more

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